Curbside Pick-up is available to Scottsburg residents. Simply place your trash by the curb in grey City of Scottsburg trash bags, which can be purchased at City Hall, Wal-Mart, Save-a-lot, JayC & Scotts Ace Hardware! The trash is collected in different streets on different days every week so check below to see when yours will be picked up!

City of Scottsburg Trash Schedule

Alphabetized by street name


Pick-up Day

Aimee Wednesday
Allen Tuesday
Armory Place Monday
Bellevue Tuesday
Carla Friday
Cedar Wednesday
Chipaway Wednesday
Cope Friday
Curtsinger Tuesday
Davis Monday
Dogwood Tuesday
E Cherry Monday
E High Thursday
E Owen Thursday
E Walnut Monday
E Wardell Monday
Elm Monday
Estil Thursday
Forest Friday
Frame Wednesday
Furnish Ct Thursday
Golf Course Wednesday
Hazzard Monday
Highland Monday
Hiram Boswell Friday
Honeyrun Pkwy Tuesday
Jefferson Monday
Keith Thursday
Kerton Thursday
Kristopher Friday
Lakeview Friday
Lane Wednesday
Larry Monday
Lawrence Wednesday
Lucas Wednesday
Lynhurst Thursday
Madison Monday
Maple Wednesday
Michael Wednesday
Miner Thursday
Monique Wednesday
Montgomery Thursday
N 1st Thursday
N 2nd Thursday
N Bond Thursday
N Gardner Wednesday
N Highland Thursday
N Lakeshore Wednesday
N Main Thursday
N Meridian Thursday
N Railroad Thursday
Newman Monday
Nicole Wednesday
Northfield Friday
Oak Friday
Opal Thursday
Park Friday
Pearl Thursday
Pine Wednesday
Ray Monday
Riley Tuesday
S 1st Monday
S 2nd Monday
S 3rd Monday
S 4th Monday
S 5h Monday
S Beechwood Tuesday
S Bond Monday
S Gardner Tuesday
S Lakeshore Thursday
S Main Monday
S Meridian Monday
S Railroad Monday
Sara Thursday
Sharon Wednesday
Slater Wednesday
Smith Monday
South Monday
Spaulding Sq Wednesday
Spring Tuesday
Sunset Friday
Terrell Monday
Thomas Ct Wednesday
Thomas St Thursday
Vest Friday
W Cherry Monday
W Green Monday
W High Thursday
N 3rd Thursday
N 4th Thursday
N 5th Thursday
N Beechwood Friday
W Owen Friday
W Walnut Monday
W Wardell Monday
Wanda Wednesday
Washington Thursday
Westwood Tuesday
White Wednesday
Woodland Friday
York Friday