Mayor William Graham


Since 1988, William H. Graham has served as Mayor of the city of Scottsburg, Indiana and has worked hard to improve the ‘quality of life.’ Currently in his sixth term, Mayor Graham has accomplished issues from welfare reform to city beautification and many more in between.


At the time when Mayor Graham took office, Scottsburg had one of the highest unemployment rates in the State of Indiana, a dying downtown and struggling economy.  Seeking new industry and working with existing businesses, he has been instrumental in attracting nine new industries and numerous commercial businesses.  He has sought and received federal and state grants to improve and upgrade utilities, infrastructure, and job training throughout the community.  Due to Graham’s aggressive planning for the future, the City of Scottsburg has grown immensely, and continues to expand today.


In addition to his position as Mayor of Scottsburg, he has been involved in projects with a radius far beyond Scott County.  In addition to the Scott County Partnership, he has been a leader in the following organizations:

  • Scott County Economic Development Corporation
  • Welfare to Work Initiative Task Force
  • Scott County Manufacturer’s Forum
  • Indiana Rural Development Council
  • appointed by the Governor to serve on the Indiana Solid Waste Management Board
  • Southern 7 Workforce Investment
  • River Hills Economic Development District
  • Indiana Municipal Power Association
  • Indiana  Task Force Committee
  • Southern Indiana Rural Development Council
  • appointed by the Governor to serve on the Governor’s Tax Commission
  • Chair of the National Rural Development Partnership.


If that isn’t enough, Mayor Graham is also a staple in the Scottsburg/Scott County community using a hands-on method of getting things accomplished. His work with the parks department and community gatherings makes him an asset to the community as well as a dignified leader and humanitarian.